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Smart Class:

As school knows that it is modern era whose students learn more from media than traditional materials as we learnt, so for making teaching learning process interesting and effective school to run the digital classes in the school.

Computer Lab:

Air cooled and networked computer Lab using server client technology ,equipped with latest high configured Dell Pcs and LCD monitors .Lab is also equipped with Projector which is used for demo purpose. Online as well as Internal exam are conducted with the help of computer lab.

Digital Theatre – A Smart Room:

As a teacher or even a presenter , one comes across a variety of problems while delivering lectures , discourses , seminars or presentation etc. These issues are numerous and basically stem when there ‘s a failure in meting out an organized course or study material and data to the audience. To cope up with such problems and situations a person has to guarantee that certain things be carried out .

Library :

“ A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas a place where history comes to life “
**If I am unable to visit my library on the day. Whole day look like not have taken a bite of food area after a variety of meals. **

School has a library in its progressive state which is a house of knowledge. This is the place where students frequently wish to visit to learn of their choice school has library covering almost 2000 sq. ft space with senior & junior sections, Imaginatively stocked with about 4500 titles that cover fiction and non – fiction in all genres and subjects. It is also internet connected where students even may surf for thousands of books to enrich them and broad the horizon of their mind. In fact library specialize in the reference section here the students are activity encouraged to use the library for independent study for research of their presentations and projects.

Library stocks are routinely updated with latest edition of the books available in the market.

Here students can also read Bilingual news paper to update themselves to know the day today event happening around the world.

Science Labs :

To make the students acquaint with physical, chemical and biological concepts practically, So that they may learn by doing and visualizing instead of listening & reading. We have separate well equipped. Spacious & airy labs for physics, chemistry & biology.

Each 6th onwards class has weekly visit to labs to develop a scientific temperament & skill of accuracy and handling the various equipments.

Co-Curricular Activities :

Special attention is paid to curricular activities in order to develop the talent of students and provide them opportunities for reform and self expression and to inculcate them a sense of responsibility ,discipline and capacity for initiative in organizational leadership intramural competitions are organized by the school.

Seminars & Workshops:

Seminars , Workshops & Extension Lectures on various subjects by eminent scholars are arranged to enable the students broaden their out –look and also to provide the latest streams of thoughts in their subjects.


Classroom culture has a huge impact on a child’s learning process. Our teachers are specifically trained to facilitate application based learning, be it through kits, activities, or through tactile and visual learning aids.

The Early Years Program for the classes of Pre-Nursery, Nursery, K1, K2, Grade I and Grade II has been designed with an intent to utilize the most flexible state of the student’s minds by engraving healthy learning habits in them, that will last throughout their life. Our primary focus is to engage their interests in learning.

Inspired by various methodologies such as Montessori, Play theory, we have set up a schedule that caters to the curiosities of the children, encouraging them to speak their mind confidently. This plays a crucial role in building an independent thinking environment in classrooms. All of this is complemented with experiential learning methods where they are taught along with fun learning activities making them love learning.

Once a child enter Grade I & II, he enters a special transition phase between the Early Years Program and the Primary learning phase. We understand the struggle a child goes through, which is why we have include these grades in EYP, while ensuring they comfortably adapt to the changes under special guidance by our faculties. Teaching Methodologies we follow for Early Year Program

• Holistic Learning
• Montessori approach
• Learner centric
• Play Way Method
• Hands-On Learning
• Reinforcement through regular Homework
• Environmental awareness